Hotels and Resorts Water Softener suppliers

Hotels & Resorts Soft Water Conditioner:Alkara soft Water conditioners make your hard water into soft and crystal clear without salts and chemicals. Removes dirt perfectly on floors, washrooms and keeps clean & stain free. Alkara water soft conditioner prevents lime scale formation and removes existing scale in pipes, effectively eliminates lime scale and corrosion problems from plumbing fixtures. Protects hot water geysers, steam generators tanks and heaters from scale formation and improves efficiency and reduces electricity bills, maintenance charges and service bills. Protects and enhances the life of washing machines, dishwashers. Alkara soft water conditioner perfectly removes stain on dishwasher with less water. Alkara water promotes healthy growth of plants and better water absorption in the soil.Alkara soft water removes dirt and stains perfectly with less detergent and protects clothes texture. Increases the foam and cleaning abilities of soaps and detergents with less soap and washing powder.Promotes clean and stain free washroom walls, bathtubs, Jacuzzi. Avoids blockage of soap scum in Jacuzzi nozzle pipes. Note: Price depends on the pipe size For Further details:-Please Visit: www.alkara.inContact: Website




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