Cattle Feed Concentrate Plus for milk yielding ayurvedic product

CFC PlusProfitability in businesses like cattle rearing, poultry & goat farming,horse breeding depends largely upon the health of the livestock.The feed given to the livestock is one of the key factors instrumentalin building its health. The feed has to be nutritious enough to fulfillanimal’s nutritional requirements and also to build an immunity ofthe livestock so that it yields a sustainable production orperformance across its productive age.Keeping this concern in mind, Netsurf introduces CFC Plus which isadvanced formula addressing livestock nutrition. It is enriched withessential Fatty Acids, Vitamin E, Selenium and Digestive Enzymesthat help in better feed utility for the animals.Benefits to different livestock categories:Cattle:Ÿ Increases in the milk yield by 10%-15%Ÿ Increases fat percentage and protein content in milkŸ Increases lactation period and sustains milk production evenunder stress conditionsŸ Helps in preventing metabolic disordersŸ Keeps cattle healthy during pre and post calving periodHorses:Ÿ Better growth and development of skeletal systemŸ Helps in preventing metabolic disorders and provide instant energyŸ Helps in maintaining the skin coat lusterPoultry and Goat Farming:Ÿ Provides optimum nutritionŸ Helps in increasing immunityŸ Reduces the mortality pertaining to malnutrition and weight gainAdministration: Administer through feed.Dosage:For adult cattle and horses: Daily 10-15 gmFor Calves, Sheep and Goats: Daily 5-7 gmFor Poultry (Chicken): 250 gm per ton of feed